Redeem Kitty

30 days will decide if Kitty will live or die. On any day, if she does not raise enough crowdfunding donations, the blades will fall on her - killing the kitten instantly, whilst being live streamed to the world.


Not a fable.


Why Kitty?

Kitty is a metaphor for the climate crisis which threatens us all. It takes YOU to save Kitty AND the planet. Don't let Kitty down.

Kitty is real. So is the climate crisis. The demise of Kitty would be quick and brutal. For her and everyone who watches. But the climate crisis affects billions of even unborn humans. Yet it is more abstract - and distant - to us than this innocent kitten that might die soon. Kitty is the actress in a sociological artistic experiment which will start soon. Make sure you leave your email so kitty can tell YOU when she needs your help!

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The Plot


The planet

Our future is a kitten. So fragile. So vulnerable. This art project ties them together in an ultimate quest to live or to die.


The kitten

Shortly, a spotless white kitten will be born. It's mission is to raise money to combat the climate crisis.


The expedition

Kitty will go on an expedition - for 30 days to see what havoc the climate change wreaks. 24h live streamed to all places that are fortunate in having good internet.


The ransom

For those 30 days, the donations to save Kitty (and the climate) need to double every day - reaching a total of over $5 Million on day 30.


The machine

In the machine, Kitty will await the new donation figures. Each day the world will watch if the target is met, or the blades descend on Kitty.


The question

Do you care more about Kitty or the climate crisis? Will you take action?

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